Emergency Response

Every minute counts when it comes down to a network outage response. Our expertise and ability to work with multiple customers during an outage event has spotlighted our abilities. Coordination and resources are critical to responding to large scale outages, which can often leave network providers with a overdue response time or prolonged network downtime.

Our ability to immediately dispatch OSP crews along with splicing crews highlights that ability by being able to correct network outages within an acceptable time frame. Telecom Fiber also have the experience in coordinated inclimate weather responses that require staging and standby time with appropriate dispatched response.

Telecom Fiber possess the ability to coordinate emergency response efforts with private businesses, MDU’s, Large Network Carriers, Local Municipalities, Federal, State and County Governments.

Our Response

We are not only the best but the largest and most able fiber optic source depended upon throughout the southeast. Our emergency response is not only capable but dedicated to the quickest and safest resolution of the ongoing emergency.

Outlined in the map are the areas we typically have a response time of less than 24hrs.

Customer Testimonial


“The most trusted and honest resource you could depend on throughout the metro Atlanta area. I wouldn't think of using a different resource.”

- Frank Gibson, Allied Fiber Solutions