Fiber Characterization / Advanced Fiber Testing

CD and PMD Testing, meant to determine the integrity and quality of your network from verifying the capacity of legacy fiber to ultra-longhaul and 40/100 Gbit/s (and higher) applications to upgrading a network to a given rate.

Telecom Fiber offers advanced fiber testing in support of fast transmission speeds up to 100G, as well as advanced technologies found on large networks and longhaul. Fiber Characterization is designed to test and determine the integrity of the fiber and the quality of the installation. We know that PMD represents a significant danger to both legacy and newly deployed networks because high PMD can induce Bit Error Rate, our advanced fiber testing will help you determine the quality and ability of your network.

Telecom Fiber can identify the problems and solutions through our advanced testing so your longhaul or high bandwidth customers are problem free. We utilizes state-of-the-art test equipment and to complete our advance fiber testing and provide you with the expert trace analysis that you will need.


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