Our Technicians, Our Dedication and Raising the Standard

Our technicians are an intricate part of our family. They carry the vision of setting a new standard in our market while building lasting relationships within our community and strengthening our partnerships with our clients. Our technicians believe in building relationships while maintaining the core values of integrity and excellence.

We believe in continued education and thinking outside the box. ,Large complex networks demand the ability to look at problems differently and our teams challenge each other daily to strive for outstanding results. Our constant commitment to quality, service, and continuing education keeps us at the forefront of the industry.


Telecom Fiber is a FOA Corporate Member and BICSI Corporate Member.

The evolution of technology continues at an increasingly rapid rate, and we recognize the increased demand for highly trained certified technicians. Continuing Education is a vital part of our commitment to excellence. All of our technicians participate an array of Safety Training, OSHA, BICSI, and FOA training. We continually focus on preparing our staff for tomorrow’s networks with a priority on safety.


Continuous Safety Emphasis


Safety Training

Monthly Company Wide Safety Awareness
and Training

Driver Accountability

Background check, distracted driver awareness and Insurability verification

Drug Free Workplace

Zero Tolerance Substance Abuse Policy that adheres to industry standards


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